Why Become A Sterex Academy?

Is your training centre missing out on a great business opportunity?

The vast majority of electrologists are full to capacity, which is why you never see them advertise…is electrolysis still the best kept secret in the profitable world of hair removal?


Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal approved as permanent by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in USA).

The British Advertising Standards Authority has given permission to state that electrolysis is ‘permanent hair removal’ in advertising.

Other hair removal methods do not remove hair permanently.

Laser and IPL treatments, which use light, are FDA approved for hair reduction, not permanent removal and these treatments are ‘discriminatory’ against some hair and skin colour.

Electrolysis is ‘non-discriminatory’ as any hair colour on any skin, on any part of the body can receive an effective treatment.

Hair removal using electrolysis for ‘cosmetic’ reasons has been around since the early 1900’s, having been initially invented within the ophthalmology field in the early 1870’s for the permanent removal of in-growing eyelashes.


Electrolysis is often described as ‘Progressively Permanent’ because it requires a series of treatments to achieve permanent results, as each follicle needs to be treated a few times throughout its cycle of growth.

In the 90’s when IPL & laser treatments were being introduced for hair removal there was massive interest in the new and exciting technology and electrologists who tired of the somewhat lengthy, albeit permanent, electrolysis treatment began to offer these light treatments which showed such early promise. Non electrologists were trained in this new method and over a few years hair removal was no longer purely the domain of the skilled and knowledgeable electrologist. However IPL and laser practitioners are now realising they need to add electrolysis to their treatment menu to enable them to treat all hairs, on all skin colours, on all parts of the body, permanently.

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